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    November 25, 2013
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opine. do not be insidious when writing to the factor. thanks for watching. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. welcome to "the kelly file." the big story tonight the president working a series of west coast fundraisers while a growing number of democrats are sending warnings to the white house. with just days before a key deadline they are prepared to break ranks over obama care. good evening. i'm megyn kelly. earlier today we got the latest in a series of polls now showing plunging political fortunes for the obama administration. a cnn poll shows 53% of the country now doesn't trust our president. 53%.
the first time since mr. obama took office that the poll shows a clear majority does not believe he's either honest or trustworthy. it comes a t a critical time for his presidency. the next big obama care deadline is just five days from now. that's when the administration promised to have health working. it is suggested vulnerable democrats could go on the attack. marc thiessen is a former speech writer from president george w. bush. the report in politico spells it out. they talk about how they are angry and have had it. a week after the october shutdown democrats were experiencing a high. this is a new republic headline that talks about the law threatening liberalism. we thought we would win back the
house. now we are concerned we'll be kicked out of our seats. they are prepared to start joining republicans in the oversight committee hearings aggressively to push back on the law and its mandates and deadlines. where is this going from here? >> well, they are watching the same poll ohs you cited. they are seeing the president is not just being questioned for competence but for his honesty. that's a devastating thing. the american people believe the president and by extension his party in congress lied to them. do you know who's vulnerable in the election coming up? every single democrat who said if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. they are all on record, on video having said it. it's every vulnerable democrat. there is a video that will be played in every election showing them saying if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. it will be devastating in the elections. they're trapped and don't know how to get out of it. >> what a difference. the political article spells out how they are getting ready to
break ranks. they are not satisfied with joe biden, it's going to be working, god willing, insurance. now they are ready to not necessarily put on republican team jerseys but they are projecting the next oversight hearings coming in december will get, quote, ugly. and that the talking -- the discussions that the white house has been having with them have not quelled the fears at all that when the white house told them when they went to capitol hill, we'll get website working there was open eye rolling. it's not just the american people who think the president is dishonest. it's the democrats, too. >> three strikes and you're out. the first was saying if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. we know he never intended to keep that promise. second was going to the american people saying i have a fix. but he didn't have the authority so millions of people are losing plans anyway. the website is the third stiek. if the website doesn't work, he
said the vast majority of americans, the website will work. most people think that's 95, 98% of people. no. they rolled it back and said, well, 80%. so 20% of americans aren't going to get the promise kept for them. this kind of stuff over and over again. they keep violating the first rule of holes. when you are in one, stop digging. they keep making promises they can't keep instead of saying, we'll fix the problem, it's worse than we thought, we'll fix it. >> you pointed out yourself, put the website aside. there is only so much they can say about the law itself. even the new york times is now acknowledging the whole law is a redistribution scheme. >> sure. >> it is meant to take from some people and give to others. even the new york times is saying as a result of the law there will be, quote, losers. >> yeah. the what everybody is outraged
about is what the plan was -- for people to be pushed out of health care plans on the individual market and into obama care involuntarily. everybody is ang ry about what the entire intention of obama care was. to redis boo diredis butte. >> it's the opposite of what they were told. >> they feel they were lied to because they were lied to. there is no way to fix that with words. you have to change something. the democrats are in a tough position, megyn. they're dammed if they do and damned if they don't. we hear in the reports they will go after the president. i was in the white house in 2006 when george w. bush was president. he was toxic and the democrats took over congress. if these democrats don't -- if they distance themselves from the president they alienate the liberal base which loves him. >> there is so much on the line now. we put up a headline when you were talking in the first
answer. we pulled it from the new republic, a left-leaning publication. look at the headline. obama care's threat to liberalism. it goes beyond obama care. let me read one excerpt from this article. liberalism has spent the better part of the past century attempting to prove that it could extend the state into new reaches of american life. with the rollout of this law the administration has badly injureded that cause. it has stifled bad news and fudged promises. it has failed to translate complex policy into plain english. it can't even launch a damn website. reversing the initial impressions oh of government ineptitude won't be easy. that's the liberals talking. >> yep. they don't care about obama's legacy. they care about the survival of
liberalism. this is the liberal project writ large. if obama care fails the liberals are discredited for a generation. all the congressional and senate democrats want fixes. they want obama to allow people the to stay in their plans and the liberals want to push people out of their plans. that's why the blue states are rejecting the fix. california, 1.1 million people lost plaps. 80,000 signed up. they are not letting them keep the plans. the left doesn't want to jeopardize obama care. there is counter pressure where the congressional democrats want obama to back down and the left doesn't want him to back down. that's what the fight is going on. >> it's a broken promise either way. either you can't keep your policy or you can keep it and the premiums will skyrocket. it could be the beginning of the death spiral. we heard it from the architect of obama care himself. thank you. >> thank you. >> we are tracking information as the private information of
americans applying for health care is being compromised. at least three people in oregon received the names, social securities and income information of complete strangers sent to them by their own state-run insurance exchange. morgan wright is a former state department adviser. he testified the to congress last week on what he call it is perfect storm of security problems with the obama care website. good to see you. >> hi, megyn. >> in oregon, how did it wind up that people were getting other people's social security numbers and incomes? >> if you want it bad, you get it bad and people have to live with bad. it was a paper-based system because the exchanges weren't working. you couldn't apply online. nobody thought through what you do with paper. there is no audit, no accountability. the only surprising thing is we haven't had more stories of this. it will only get worse. this thing won't get better until they institute big fix.
>> we have good people who reported receiving somebody else's salary and social security information. that's three. how many got it and didn't report it and are doing something me the fars with it now? there there is no way to know. >> all the people who set up deceptive websites. there were 500 on the state exchanges being deceptive or fraudulent. we don't know how much personal information is being collected because the government can't measure it themselves. they haven't done a security test. they don't know where where the holes are. you can't patch what you don't know exists. >> would you go to health or the state exchanges? these are the ones people are supposed to believe in. would you enter your personal information there? >> absolutely not. the reason the state exchanges don't work well is they waited.
they have overdriven the headlights. they waited too long to create policy. now everybody is scrambling. people have to live with bad because they waited to define the policies that are the essence of what the website is supposed to be. >> if i were one of the people who lost my policy, contrary to the president's promise and was forced to go on a website to get insurance and someone did this to me, i would go after the people who made me the promise. i would try to go after those who basically forced me into a situation where i get defrauded. that's what's happening to them. morgan, more with you another time. thank you for being here. >> you bet. a massive winter storm is sweeping the country. up to ten deaths blamed on the system already. delays expected at the biggest airports and janice dean stayed here with important new warnings from the national weather service as we head out for the thanksgiving travel. plus, question of the night. what does president obama have
in common with anthony weiner, dennis rodman and miley cyrus? tweet me your guess @megyn kelly. up next, the president blasts the critics of the deal just reached with iran. one of the critics, ambassador john bolton joins us with the response to president obama next. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not an historic agreement. it is an historic mistake.
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from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> we are watching the live radar, lower right. more than a hundred million could be impacked by the storm system. first big news on iran's nuclear deal that the administration called an historic agreement and israel called an historic mistake. concern from the israelis is the same thing we are hearing from democrats actually. they are all worried that the deal allowed iran to continue pursuing nuclear weapons. today the president hit back at the critics. >> huge challenges remain but we cannot close the door on diplomacy. we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. we cannot commit to an endless
cycle of conflict. tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it is t not the right thing for our security. [ applause ] >> it is not the right thing for our security. >> john bolton is a fox news contributor and former ambassador to the united nations. the president dismissing the critics as full of bluster. your thoughts? >> negotiations have been under way with with iran over the nuclear weapons program for ten years. for ten years, iran has used the negotiations to buy time, gain legitimacy and that's essentially what it got out of the negotiations in geneva this weekend. it got something it wanted which was sanctions in place. what iran saw was the psychological opportunity to break the unity of the west, move sanctions on a downward
trend. i think it sees the road ahead now for it to get nuclear weapons at a time of its choosing. >> i know you feel this is not a good deal. in your words this is abject surrender. is it that bad? what makes it surrender? >> there is one absolutely critical point in this agreement. you can argue about all four pages of it. it's a very flaud document. one critical point is that it allows iran to keep enriching uranium and it contemplates an end state that iran will have a uranium enrichment program. the capability to enrich uranium is the long pole in the tent for any nuclear program. this is a regime that's lied about the purpose of the program, concealed information. it cannot be trusted with uranium enrichment. it continues to do so and continues to have the capability to break out the nuclear weapons
essentially at a time of its choosing. that's a huge victory. it leaves this agreement in a weaker position than multiple resolutions of the u.n. security council. >> it's being billed by the administration as historic. we have struck the deal. it's the first kind of deal in so long. the question many people have is how do we get there. if i go to the used car lot and he wants ten grand for a used car and i want to pay one grand and for years we stand there going ten, one, ten, one and after ten years i say, 9.9, we may have a deal. but i didn't get there. it's not the deal i wanted. the point is did we get the deal because we gave iran basically everything they wanted? >> we certainly gave them a lot.
there is a fundamental problem with the approach to negotiation and the idea that economic sanctions brought iran to the table. you can have a negotiation when there is a bridgeable difference between two parties that have something in common. here, obama to give him the most benign interpretation came to the table to try to do something to stop the iranian nuclear weapons program. iran came to the table to protect the nuclear weapons program and to get relief from sanctions. it pretty much achieved the objecti objectives. you cannot negotiate with a party on the other side that has no intention of giving up a program like the weapons program that was the very reason obama wanted to negotiate. that's why ultimately any deal benefits iran and that's what happened here. >> do you think there is a misunderstanding about that in this administration? they say, look, it's a start. >> a start to what?
if you have an end state that means iran doesn't have nuclear weapons that means iran has to reverse a 25-year-long policy. of course iran says it doesn't want nuclear weapons. that's part of the program of deception. what's really underlying the administration here is although they have said they don't want iran to get nuclear weapons, obama believes you can contain and deter a nuclear iran as we did the soviet union during the cold war. that's delusional. i think the calculus of the atoe las is different from the calculus of the soviet. it's worse in the middle east. even if i'm wrong and you could contain and deter a nuclear iran, it doesn't stop with iran. even secretary of oh state hillary clinton said that if iran gets nuclear weapons, egypt will, saudi arabia and turkey will. >> if people are wondering what iran's motivations are, on the same weekend they strike the
deal the ayotollah is talking about eye anywannihilating isra. thank you. there was a legal bombshell indicting a school superintendent for allegedly helping to cover up a rape case. we'll look t at that. this is an unbelievable result. it could have implications far beyond ohio. plus our weather team is working late as warnings are issued about the winter storm and how it will impact millions over the next 48 to 72 hours. this is just ahead. breaking news for you in advance of thanksgiving. should you travel? we'll talk about it. honestly, asuch as i love this job, i plan to do a lot more. i needed a new laptop for my pre-med classes, something that runs office and has a keyboard. but i wanted a tablet for me, for stuff like twitter and xbox, so my downtime can be more like uptime.
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we saw a stunning indictment out of stubenville, ohio. you may remember the case. a grand jury indicted four school employees including the superintendent in connection with a case involving the alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl last year. there was a rape. they were found guilty. the superintendent was indicted on the most serious charges including felony counts of obstructing justice and tampering with evidence. three others were indicted on misdemeanor charges. last march two football players from the district were con vicked of raping a young girl at a party. the case gained national attention when videos and photos from the night emerged on social networking sites. joining me now, fox news legal analyst and defense attorney, one-time prosecutor who is a fox news legal analyst. it wasn't a surprise when the two football players accused of doing this got indicted and
convicted of rape, but the superintendent of schools? who are the three others? >> there is a coach involved. he's a voluntary football coach. there is the head of the elementary school who is involved and then there is a tech -- someone else has already been indicted a couple of weeks ago. >> it happened off campus. it wasn't at a school sponsored event. >> correct. >> how do you get to the administrators? >> they are charging some of them with tampering with evidence. whether there were videos destroyed, clothing from that night. say a football player had clothing with her dna on it, one of the strars said, give me that, let me throw it out. mercedes and i did research. nobody disclosed the actual acts taking place. they have only announced the charges. it remains to be seen how heinous the adults who were
surrounding the football players acted. >> this case first came to light because of electronic evidence. you know the group anonymous? you know they post certain things? they went in and found terrible videos of the football players bragging about the condition the young girl was in. they posted photos. i will show you one. very disturbing of the victim being carried like an animal by her two assailants. this was persuasive in the case. if they are talking about digital evidence, photographs and soen on they may know who deleted them. >> the me ta data will be specific here. they will look to see who had the evidence, how it was -- who kept it, who deleted it. that type of evidence is clearly established through forensic evidence. >> they are talking about the coaches, principal, superintendent advising the kids on how to cover up a crime? >> a state mandate requires teachers to disclose if students
are abused. >> she wasn't a student at this school. >> she wasn't a student at that school but she's still a student. they are implicating these two. look at the grand jury. they met for 18 days. there were 123 witnesses. we are at the tip of the iceberg. we don't know but clearly so much evidence was established in 18 days with all the witnesses that's why the grand jury -- >> they are saying there is a failure to report if you find out a young girl has allegedly been raped, even if you don't believe it. say the superintendent said i didn't believe it was rape at the time, you have to go to the cops. >> just to be clear, it's not you, megyn kelly. >> i don't have the duty. >> these are are mandatory reporters because they are in the world of education. >> the attorney general used to be in the federal congress and says it's up to the adults to intervene. up to the adults to set bound ris and teach kids right from
wrong. is he only talking about the people who have a duty to report? if you are a parent, say, of a boy who is accused do you have a duty? >> he's going beyond the administration. one of the disgusting things is it talks about the depravity of human kind. that picture, she still had clothes on. >> its's an allegation. if you're the parent of somebody accused, you're probably not going to look at a picture like that and say, my kid is guilty. >> no. >> you have to be diligent and say what else happened? who were you with? who did you call? let me see your phone. get the pass words. >> okay. the parent clearly doesn't have a duty to inform. >> no. >> one step away is perhaps the football coach. somebody who mentors the kid, know it is kid. the question is if this will change somebody in high school, middle school sports to where
somebody who gets allegations have a duty to report or they will be charged with a crime. >> it's already changing. this has been evolving. what i'm happy about is it was a grand jury. it was citizens who brought the -- confirmed the charges as opposed to just the prosecutor. >> we'll see. these are just charges. we'll see how they answer them and whether a petite jury -- >> oh! >> the jury of 12, not the grand jury. what they have to say. great to see you both. >> thanks. new controversy over the big insurance premium increases and whether it was built into obama care as a way to, quote, re distribute the wealth. we'll show you where the term is now coming from and who is admitting that it was one of the critical bases of obama care. plus, what does president obama have in common with anthony weiner, dennis rodman
and miley cyrus? we'll tell you the answer ahead. ♪ ♪
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we are seeing a growing number of reports about americans finding out the so-le called affordable care act is not affordable at all. with more than 5.5 million people forced off the plans they liked, we are tonight looking at the story of a california family facing a nearly $800 a month increase. trace? >> kay joiner and her husband have an extensive christmas list and have checked it twice. it's a list of what they plan to give up to pay for the new health care plan. the they live in northern california and help support their 19 and 21-year-old sons who work part-time and go to college. here's the deal. under the old plan they paid $499 a month. of course it was cancelled
because it doesn't qualify under the affordable care act. look at the number. $1,252 per month. listen. >> that's actually more than my monthly mortgage on my home. you can imagine that you have to start thinking about, you know, where is the extra money coming to pay for the policy. >> to make up for the increase the joys are cutting money they normally add to the mortgage every month. they are cutting the home phone, instead using cell phones. charitable donations go down along with the anniversary fund and teeth cleanings will be just once a year. add to that manicures, magazines and movies and they should have the extra $750 they need. despite her name, kay joy isn't happy. >> fewer hair t cuts, not eating out as much. not going to the movies. that affects small businesses in
our community. >> remember, california rejected president obama's plan to extend those individual policies so the joys' reality begins in 36 days. >> trace, thank you. as we hear more stories like that, we are seeing more polls like this. new polling from cnn finds 53% of americans do not think the president is honest or trustworthy. that's a first in this poll. first time they have shown a clear majority doubting the president on a critical measurement. and "the economist" put this on the cover. president obama up to his neck t with the headline t the man who used to walk on water. joe trippy is a former democratic campaign manager and a fox news contributor. let's look at the polls from cnn. the one on honesty and trustworthiness is the latest poll showing a majority doubting this president. then you have can he manage effectively? is he an effective manager.
60% say he cannot. is he someone you admire? 56% say no. he is not. is he a strong and decisive leader? 53% say no, he 's not. one we don't have made but another one, does he inspire confidence? 56% say no, he does not. it's devastating. >> no doubt he suffered a big fall here. the damage to his credibility is steep. look, he said the administration said we would have the website working by the end of november. that's got to happen. no one thinks it's going to happen to the extent the administration talked about it. he's got to build credibility again bit by bit, brick by brick. this is not going to get fixed overnight. but it's clearly a disaster in terms of how it has affected his
standing. >> how is he going to do that? we'll talk about it in the next segment. even the new york times is talking about how the point of the t law was the redistribution of wealth. this was at the core of the law. now that the people are seeing that and seeing the wealth go from one to another like we saw. this woman didn't expect bills to go up. they are angry and they feel the broken promise. that's a reality. it's not a republican spin. >> look. he has to move beyond the politics of this and make this thing work. that's it. there is no way to spin your way out of it. the website's got to work. people have got to be able to get health care. they've got to get it when they need it. all the things have to happen. i have said it before and i will say it again. if all the things that the republicans have said are going -- all the bad things that are going to happen happen, there is no way to spin his way
outment democrats will be in trouble in 2014 with obama care hanging around their necks. >> do you agree with what we talked with marc about, the political report that talked about angry democrats who say the next and last deadline is november 30. if it doesn't work we'll go aggressive against him in the oversight hearings and push for delays on obama care because the democrats are worried about the midterm elections. they want to save their hides. >> look, at this point, everybody in the house and senate on both sides -- republicans and democrats -- are going to start maneuvering politically for their own necks in 2014. yes, there will be democrats that will abandon the president on this. you're already seeing some of that happen.
there are going to be winners and losers. are there 100 million losers and 40 million winners or 100 million winners and 40 million losers? it's the facts. what really happens will matter the most. the president has to make it happen. >> even if it's a net gain winners to losers the loser hat has been placed on a new group of people that never knew they were back in the game. they never knew the president was playing with their lives. suddenly they are losers when it comes to their health care. don't you think those losers will be a lot more ticked off than the winners will be? >> absolutely. we don't know yet.
is george bush his ability to manage? people thought of the exact same time in his presidency. he's recovered completely near 50% approval now. >> now? >> yeah. >> that doesn't do him much good now. >> these things fluctuate. it's very tough to get the credibility back. it is. >> speaking of not so influential. gq has the least of least influential people. this is the answer to the question what does the president have in common with these folks. they are all -- rodman is number one, by the way. the president is 17 or 19 on the list of least influential people. the fact remains i have spent the majority of his presidency watching bad things happen, hearing a thought offul speech about how the bad thing won't happen again and then watching
as nothing gets done. fair? >> you're making me sit here on this one? i read the piece. the pope was number 6. >> oh! >> to show you how crazy the piece was. i don't think it was fair t at all. >> good to see you. >> thanks, megyn. take care. >> new controversy tonight. we have been talking about it throughout the show. all along and whether people losing good policies they liked while others find coverage for the first time was understood and designed as part of the president's plan to, quote, redistribute wealth. the new york times now says and we'll show you after the break. we have wild answers to the question of the night. check them out on our facebook page or on twitter. use the hash tag kelly file.
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new questions about whether the entire health care law is a redistribution scheme meant to take from some and give to others. contrary to the president's promises. in a rather eye opening article now even the new york times, not to mention one of the t president's top advisers admit it is answer is yes. matt bennett is cofounder of
third way and former clinton white house deputy assistant. chris plante is here from the chris plante radio show. the redistribution of wealth has always been a central feature of the law and lies at the heart of the insurance market disruption driving political attacks this fall. they say you cannot have a fair market without redistribution from people. the times talks about how losers will be created with the law. losers and winners. matt, that's not how it was billed. >> no. it's not. i like the new york times and john harwood, but i don't agree. i think they overwrote it. the fact is anything. you don't get dollar for dollar what you put in in taxes. this does it also. the rich had to pay more so the medicaid expansion could happen.
>> goes well beyond that though. >> no. >> it does. they mention in passing that the rich are paying 2% income tax. talk about premiums, people losing plans, having to pay more so they can fund the plans the newly insured are getting. none of it was disclosed by the president. >> that wasn't the purpose of them paying more. they are paying more to get better insurance. >> they don't want or need. the reason they needed to make them do it is they needed the money. >> they needed them in the exchanges but they needed everyone to have better insurance f. you have catastrophic care coverage and not coverage for normal things you are in the emergency room and everyone pays for it. >> i don't know what kind of world we are in when the new york times and david axelrod quoted as talking about the fact that in this country we have a sense that everyone can expect to win and no one has to sacrifice. but that's not reality, he talks about. the new york times calls this
redistribution. >> it's nice that they have been forced into a corner and they are forced to tell the truth. thanks to john harwood and david axelrod for finally saying out loud what they have known all along and what a t lot of us have been saying all along has been the truth. this was sold on a lie. we were sold a bill of goods. it wouldn't have passed if this is the way it was presented to the american people. and president obama likely would not have been re-elected to a second term if this is the way it was sold to the the american people. it's redistributional. you can say all government activity is. >> right. >> but this was sold as something it is not. >> we have seen this so far in this article about how this law is creating losers as well as winners. you heard it from joe trippi, a fair broker of information.
lose rs and winners. that's not how it was sold. the american people were told everyone would be magically winners under the law. >> there is fairness to that, megyn. the fact is loadsthere are losed winners. >> really? >> have an honest debate about who is likely to be a loser. now losers are people are health problems who lost their health care and are spending hours a day on which doesn't work. >> depends on what loser means. even those of us allowed to keep our plans are paying much more. most of us in the end two years from now will have lost our plans and be forced to sign up for something we don't want. >> that's t not true. >> i don't need motorcycle insurance -- >> it's not true. >> i have to go. it's heating up, but i have to
go. a hundred million people could be affected by the storms and we want that story in. thank you. we have new warnings on powerful winter storms after the break. a hundred million people could be affected this thanksgiving. what you need to know, next. as your life and career change, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust your retirement plan along the way, rethink how you're invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity i.r.a. has a wide range of investment choices to help you fine-tune your personal economy. call today, and we'll make it easy to move that old 401(k) to a fidelity i.r.a.
the pain started up and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head.
the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency room recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight. when i had shingles the music stopped. breaking news. new estimates suggest 100 million people could be impacted by the winter storm sweeping the country. >> hi, megyn. we are watching as the storm continues to move east ward bringing the threat for rain, snow, ice and tornadoes. you can see the rain in the ohio valley. it's not a big event compared to the next 24 to 48 hours. tracking it further out in time across the southeast we could
see severe weather. then into tuesday. it's really the back side of the storm bringing gusty winds. though a rain event along the i-95 corridor. wind gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour will delay flights or ground them. all up and down the i-95 corridor from d.c. to boston. there are 12 inches across the northeast. flash flood watches and warnings. that will cause issues on the roadways. winter weather advisories, freezing rain advisories as well as ice storm warnings for parts of the appalachians. mainly a snow event as we head towards the northeast. we'll be tracking this one. it will affect millions of people. we'll see dlas and cancellations through thanksgiving. back to you. >> bummer.
thank you. stay here for the latest on the storm and "hannity" at the top of the hour. >> he could have had that be an easy precondition. he could have said release the americans before we continue with negotiations. it really has been devastating the to our family. ♪
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others, justin bieber, will smith, ryan reynolds, lady gaga. who do you think belongs on the list? follow me on twitter. go to kelly file. thanks for watching. here's "hannity." problem, what problem? >> in order to distract attention away from obama care the senate has just broken the rules in order to change the rules. >> the obama white house is willing to do whatever it can to scrub the obama care train wreck from the front pages of the nation's newspapers. but it won't happen here. it's official. we are now negotiating with terrorists in tehran. >> the united states took an important first step toward a comprehensive solution that addresses our concerns for the islamic republic of iran's nuclear program. >> reporter: ann coulter reacts to the so-called nuclear agreement. >> there is a